Battery Powered Electric Equipment

Here at Sustainable Land Solutions, we use all-electric/battery-powered lawn and landscape equipment! So what are the benefits of using electric equipment? First and most notable is that there are ZERO carbon emissions being spewed out when using this equipment!

That means the air around your home is as clean as it was before the start of your service! Our equipment is 2-4 times quieter that the conventional gas equipment as well! This is great for sleeping children, your beloved pets, and of course your peace as well!

No more harmful carbon emissions mean fewer allergy flair-ups due to the harmful 2.5 particulate matter as well!

We take pride in keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum and provide a quiet solution to lawn care. We guarantee our lawn services are thorough and complete.  If you're ever not satisfied with our work we'll do what it takes to make it right.

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