Importance Of Mulch

What's the deal with the importance of mulch and why is it so important to only use natural, non-dyed mulch? Adding natural mulch to your garden beds is the number 1 most beneficial way to build your soil health, prevent weeds, retain moisture, and help prevent erosion! Here's some info on how this works!

Once installed and watered in, hardwood mulch will form somewhat of a shell overtop of your garden's soil. This is important because it keeps the sun from beating down on the soil, which in turn helps to keep the moisture available for your plants to grow!

Natural decomposition of the mulch over time adds beneficial microbes to the soil, which increases soil health. Allowing your plants to thrive! Another key benefit to mulching is the suppression of weeds! Not only does mulch help to suppress weeds, but it also helps to prevent them by filling in the areas between your plants!

Another wonderful way to mulch is through the autumn leaves as they fall! Instead of removing these leaves from the property, here at SLS, we chop them up during our Quiet Fall Cleanup and return them right back to your garden beds!

Keeping these leaves local to where they've fallen helps to promote local ecology due to them creating a habitat for our local pollinators to overwinter in! Leaf mulch is highly biodegradable and can easily be mulched over with hardwood much in the spring time!