Native Focused Installs

So why are native-focused installs so important anyway? Native plants are indigenous plants to the local ecology. These plants occur in areas naturally and have symbiotic relationships with the wildlife of the region without human intervention for over thousands of years!

It is extremely important to promote and plant native plants whenever and wherever possible!

Our local ecosystems affect all of our daily lives. From increasing our pollinator populations which pollinate more than just our flowers, but our foods and the foods that our foods eat; to improving soil water holding capacity and therefore purifying the water and reducing the erosion of our nutrient-dense topsoil from running down the drain.

The roots of native plants grow much deeper into the soil than turf grass as well! Which also helps to break up soil compaction and convert and store the carbon and nitrogen from the air into carbon.

Thus, reducing the carbon emissions from the air and storing that carbon back into the soil, also helps to build healthy soil!

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native focused installs