The following terms and conditions should be construed to apply to any and all services provided by SLS.

Should client choose to retain SLS, they agree that they have read, understand, and agree to all terms contained within these terms and conditions. Failure to properly read these terms shall not be seen as a reason for not abiding by them or seen as an excuse to not be held to them.

Customer understands they are hiring a professional service provider with extensive experience and agrees to give them full discretion in performing their duties. Client requests will be honored to the best of the ability of SLS, but client understands that not all requests are possible or practicable.

Upon booking, client will provide credit card number to SLS to keep on file. All recurring services shall automatically renew on an annual basis unless proper notice of termination is provided by client. Depending on the scope of services, client may be required to provide a deposit.

All invoices will be processed and immediately due after completion of the work and client approval of quality assurance. If client is not available at this time, the invoice will be issued with a 15 day term. The invoice with be automatically processed after the 15 day term using the credit card on file, unless specifically told otherwise. Should any issues arise with payment, in the form of a declined card, or a late payment, client will be assessed a $50 fee, and then an additional $50 for every 15 days payment is late.

Scope of services shall be agreed to in full before invoice issued. Should SLS determine scope has deviated beyond initial agreement, a new engagement must begin, and no new work will occur until further payment

Work may be stopped via written 30-day notice to either party. Notice is not conditional on confirmation of receipt.

Client shall be notified within 60 days of any price change to scope of services.

Client understands, agrees, and confirms the following:

They will grant full access to all areas needed for SLS to provide services.

Client will move all trampolines, or any other structures that may impede the services, as SLS will not do so.

Client will allow SLS to photograph any and all services performed to utilize in any way SLS sees fit within the ordinary course of business, including, but not limited to marketing or advertising materials, social media. Any photographs taken by SLS for any purpose is strictly their property.

Client understands that SLS will only provide work that does not involve any sort of climbing, ladders, or other equipment that creates elevation.

Excessive pet waste, obstacles, or other impediments to the scope of service will result in client being billed $5-$20, based on degree of difficulty created, in addition to base price listed on the invoice.

Should SLS be unable to access client property, or be forced to reschedule services due to client created conditions, client shall be assessed a fee of $10-$30.

Should customer’s vegetation be grown an unreasonable amount, at discretion of SLS, in such a way that creates difficulty for performing services, client shall be billed a reasonable amount up to 50% of original invoice price.

SLS is not responsible for any incidental plant damage that may occur during performance of services.

Any and all damage or loss occurring to SLS’s equipment, either used in the scope of services, or rented by client for any purpose, shall be the full and complete responsibility of the client.

During the course of planning or performing the scope of services, SLS may create proprietary designs or systems, either in model or drawing form, or actual practice such as plant shape, plant selection coordination, expression, and arrangement. This material is not to be disseminated or shared in any manner by client to any third party without express permission of SLS, nor reproduced or recreated at the direction of client by any party unaffiliated with SLS. Client understands that should this clause fail to be honored, client consents and agrees to not contest any action for relief by SLS commensurate with the breach, up to and including injunctive relief or monetary damages.

Client agrees to indemnify, release, and defend SLS against any and all claims brought by a third party, and to waive any claims that may occur as a result of SLS performing services in a reasonable manner consistent with industry standard.

Any dispute arising or related to this agreement shall be settled by binding impartial arbitration, by an American Arbitration Association certified arbitrator, in an area chosen by SLS. Client waives any other recourse that they may have.

The relationship between SLS and client is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Client warrants and represents that:

Client, and the individual members thereof, is under no disability, restriction or prohibition, whether contractual or otherwise with respect to client’s right to enter into this Agreement,

Client’s right to grant the rights granted to SLS hereunder, to perform each and every term and provision hereof.

SLS, and all of the employees, agents, and otherwise connected parties warrant and represent that:

They are properly licensed to perform all necessary work, including obtaining any proper permits, or contacting regulatory agencies, as needed. Should SLS require client to take action to enable proper licensure, a prompt request for such client action will be made.

All equipment required for the scope of work is in good working order, and is the industry standard sort of equipment used in this work.

All safety precautions standard in the industry will be strictly followed at all times.

SLS will make best efforts to reduce unnecessary landfill and waste. Where possible, suitable material will be recycled on site.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance:

Mowing season shall occur from April 1st to December 1st every year.

During mowing season, there will be weekly visits by SLS, with the services performed including but not limited to, trimming, edging, mowing, and blowing off of debris created from service. May hold off on mowing during times of drought as determined by technician. Notice, as soon as reasonably possible, will be provided to client should mowing not be occurring at the regularly scheduled interval, and client will not be charged any extra fees should maintenance take longer than normal due to a skipped session.

The standard height of any and all lawn cutting shall be between 3.75 and 4 inches. No exceptions will be made, even in the case of client requests.

Any special requests related to mowing or other maintenance must occur no later than a week before a scheduled maintenance date.

For aeration services, all underground wires, cables, electric dog fences, sprinklers, or any other obstruction located below six inches below the surface that may be damaged by the work must be clearly identified and marked and flagged. Additionally, any sod installations from within 12 calendar months of service should be similarly marked. SLS will stay at least six inches away from all marked areas, as well as a foot away from all fences, and a minimum of two feet from any electric dog fences. SLS is not liable for any damage occurring due to client’s lack of proper marking and flagging according to this clause.

No germination will be guaranteed by SLS resulting from our Clean Air Core Aeration and Premium Overseeding services. We recommend adding our Watering System Rental service for best results.

All holiday and special event decorations will be avoided by a minimum of 6-12″ with all powered equipment.

Garden Installs:

All plants installed by SLS are warranted based on the sort of plant.

Native plants are warranted to return yearly as perennials, or leaf out, if applicable, the following season.

Non native plants will be warranted on a case by case basis.

SLS is not responsible for the regrowth of any previously planted plants that have yet to sprout prior to or during the performance of the scope of services.

Client agrees and acknowledges that SLS’s working of the soil comes with the risk of turning seeds, which could result in possible germination of unwanted plants. Any work related to such unknown growth, previously planted plants, or any such seeds shall be outside the scope of the Services. Should client wish to retain SLS to handle this, an additional invoice will be issued.

Snow Removal:

Services will be billed increments based on every 8 inches of ice or snow laying on the ground. By way of example, 12 inches would be considered two removals.

SLS will endeavor to provide continuous service to client to ensure they are able to utilize their residence or business during steady snowfall or icing conditions. However, SLS is unable to guarantee a clear lot at any given time, and will simply make best professional efforts, consistent with what is acceptable in industry practices, to maintain a clear lot for client whenever possible.

Removal will take place between December 1st and April 1st of any contracted calendar year.

Removal may be extended until May 1st at additional expense.

For SLS to perform removal services, Client must ensure SLS has proper access to any areas needing service.

Basic clearing and de-icing will begin when between 2-3in of snow lays.

Deicing will commence at a reasonably practicable time by SLS based on their professional judgment prior to the start of any sort of frozen precipitation.

Reactive deicing may be selected by the client, or recommended by SLS as needed.